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Important Element Of Your Website Strategy

An FAQ page on your website is a well-organized compilation of essential information about your products and services that your consumers inquire about. This page is an excellent method to gather frequently asked questions from your customers. Benefits of creating an FAQ page for your website An FAQ page enhances the user experience - Visitors with queries have to navigate…

Google has identified a set of vital skills that enable users to get information quickly, easily, and attractively. Google refers to these skills as Core Web Vitals. Core Web Vitals are defined under the basis of: How fast the page content is delivered? Whether or not the page loads correctly? How well does visual content display on a computer screen,…

It's been a week since Google's ambitious AMP project went live for specific mobile searches. And already it is being said that Google will make it a ranking signal for businesses to get ahead in the search ranking. But Google's John Mueller came out with a different opinion on the matter. Recently, Google's webmaster posted a video in Google Hangout…

Like everything else, people these days are spoilt for choices when it comes to web hosting companies.  Each & every company is promising that they are the best & offer “Reliable services at best prices”. But as a newbie or a frustrated website owner who had a bitter experience with a web hosting company in the past, it's hard to…

  “Content is the King.” I know you have probably heard this a thousand times before and also, that the better your content the higher your rankings in SERP. Maybe, this will not be an issue for those companies that have employed professional writers who write good content on a daily basis. But what if your budget does not allow you to hire a staff writer and thus you have to do it yourself; despite the fact that you don’t have writing experience. If you fall under those select set, then we have few great tips to share, which will help you get started and get ahead.

SEO directly relates to business operations rather than other marketing channels. It is about utilizing every marketing asset you have to get maximum profit through organic search. To analyze the performance of an SEO strategy we’ll need to consider 3 teams and their processes. These teams include the Web Development team, the Content Strategy team and the Leadership team. In this article, we are going to highlight the importance of search marketing and how these 3 teams facilitate the process.

We'll show you 4 very useful tips that'll keep your website from being hacked.   In the previous year, hacking shot up experiencing a mammoth-sized 180% increase in the number of sites hacked. Looking at this, Google coined up its #NoHacking campaign that's going strong even today. Looking ahead, there are more tips that Google would want us to follow in order to avoid hacking. Read each of them thoroughly.

As they say “Necessity is the mother of all invention” or to be more precise is the heart of discovery of new things. You must have come across tons of reviews about the usefulness of the traditional SEO tools but in this rather brief discussion, we are going to review some of the other little-known non-SEO tools that can better serve your SEO needs.

A landing page is like creating a first-hand impression on your page visitor before they are actually sent to your registration or sales page. Like a Hollywood movie trailer, which teases you with some great visuals, to get us hooked and watch the reel time action in the cinema halls. Landing page work on the same concept except it all happens on the click of a button.

A recent Google study revealed that the mobile searches have finally surpassed the desktop crawls. But on contrary, there are a lot of brands and companies, who still don't have a mobile friendly website as yet. Post 21, April 2015, there was a flurry of speculation over the impact of the update, which is termed as the “Mobilegeddon” effect. After the algorithm update, Google announced that the mobile friendliness of a website would become a ranking factor. But unlike previous updates, Google outlined clear criteria for the website to comply.