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Monthly Archives March 2012

Who, today is not a social media addict? Who does not post having a cappuccino or cold coffee or tea in the evening? Who does not shorten the sentimental messages to 140 characters and make sure the message reaches the world, does not matter if it reaches the targetted person? We have to agree that social media has become a crucial part of routine, and it has made drastic changes to our lives.

Social media, today is seen as a medium to strengthen customer relationships and enhance the brand. Nevertheless, you should know the right ingredients to have a successful social media setup. You definitely know that you need to encourage brand loyalty by identifying interested customers and engaging with your fans and followers.

Pinterest seems to be pinning the interest factor in users, especially the United States. Its growth rate has seen a puma jump. The unique monthly U.S. visitor count has jumped up to 11.7 million is a short span of time. It would certainly sound fascinating to know, how many visits to your pin board were valuable or what was the conversion rate.