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Facebook's much hyped “Reaction” buttons that were launched at the end of February, 2016 have so far failed to live up to the expectations in terms of user engagement, reveals a new online study. Ending all media speculations, the company decided to give five more expressive emoji options to its users along with the trademark “Like” button. But the newly…

Gone are the days when a link to useful content seemed tempting. Nowadays, Twitter is leveraged with such links, and to set yourself apart, you might want to add fewer links in your Twitter posts. Introducing Twitter and what it does is like challenging your common sense. However, every blogger starts an article with “Twitter is hugely important…” But do consider me an exception. I would like to draw your attention directly to the point:

Interacting with customers, getting feedback and promoting or launching new products and services wouldn’t have been this easy if the social media didn’t have that much power. Social media has emerged as an excellent platform to build your online presence as well as to retain the image and rankings.