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“Content is the King.” I know you have probably heard this a thousand times before and also, that the better your content the higher your rankings in SERP. Maybe, this will not be an issue for those companies that have employed professional writers who write good content on a daily basis. But what if your budget does not allow you to hire a staff writer and thus you have to do it yourself; despite the fact that you don’t have writing experience. If you fall under those select set, then we have few great tips to share, which will help you get started and get ahead.

Start in the Middle

It will sound a little strange but starting your article from the “Middle” actually helps you more as compared to starting from the beginning. Most of the great writers use this trick.

Starting your content from the beginning means you have a blueprint of your content in your mind. It’s very rare that you know all the details of your blog, before even writing it. Writing is a complicated process, and even the seasoned ones can’t predict the exact words they are going to use. Because it’s about going with the flow. You just dive deep in the subject and every part of your body indulges in that activity, so you often don’t know what the finished product will be like. Also, writing and editing are two completely different parts. Don’t merge both in one. Just write and write and go with the flow. You are not writing live and you can edit it later.

By starting from the middle, you actually get to the point where you can connect the dots. It allows flexibility since you can slowly put together the content piece by piece. There is a paragraph or a phrase that is stuck in your mind and you are figuring out the beginning and end of it. You somehow think that it is going to be great content, but you are not sure. So just write it down. Sorting it out all in your head makes things complicated. So better, free the clutter. Also, when you start from the middle and proceed to the beginning, you can actually reflect the entire conclusion very effectively, which is crucial to engage the audience.

Know What Google Disregards

Fitting keyword into content is one heck of a task, even for the seasoned copywriters, especially if they are not grammatically correct.

Searchers are looking for information, and by using the search engines on a daily basis, they know that their sentences don’t have to be perfectly worded in order to get the desired results. This creates a big issue for content writers. In such situations where your keywords don’t fit in, AVOID the PUNCTUATION RULES. Yes, you read that right! Punctuation doesn’t affect search results, so if a keyword is tricky and is not-fitting-in correctly, you can ignore punctuation. Use commas, brackets, and other signs to make the keyword fit in the sentence.

Don’t Stop Writing

Want to improve your writing? Then start writing and don’t stop! As simple as that. Since you might have already heard the phrase “Practice makes a man perfect” I will not waste my words and your time explaining it.

Just make it a habit to write on a daily basis or as frequently as possible. By doing so, you will notice that your writing speed is increasing and that you are also developing a personal voice in writing, which is far-reaching and helps you build a loyal fan base.

Think Ahead

The best way to hone the skill of content writing is by staying organized. When you are organized, you will know exactly when and what you have to write to convey the message.

Research and gather all the resources and information that you will require to complete content, in advance. This way you don’t have to ideate, research, frame, write, edit and proofread at the same time. Also, if you don’t write frequently, generating ideas for the next content is going to be difficult. So write down the topics you want to talk about and the ideas that are popping in your head.

Remember, there is no short cut or a quick trick to master SEO content writing. It will come naturally with proper planning, practice, and patience.

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