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It's double celebration time for Twitter! The social networking site recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and Periscope, its live streaming video app turns a year old this weekend. To give a short recap to our readers of the proceedings so far, Twitter earlier this year made a decision to introduce support for live Periscope videos on its platform. The decision…


As they say, if you match your rivals in everything they do, it's unlikely you'll be very successful. Well, that's what longtime rivals Facebook and Twitter have been trying to do with every new service that they launch. Taking a clue from Twitter owned Periscope, Facebook has now announced that it will start ranking live streaming videos higher in users'…


Much to the delight of online marketers and businesses, Instagram's video ads get a much needed boost, with the 15 sec videos making way for one minute videos. The extended video length will provide marketers the much needed breathing space and enable them to be more creative when conceptualizing their ads. The main objective of the move is to enable…


Recently, Twitter has tried every single trick in the book to address the problem of its stagnant user base. Replaced Hearts with Likes, added new features, even extended Tweet limit and possibly everything else, both Online & Offline. But it is finding it difficult to attract both reluctant investors and active users. The latest development to come out from Twitter…


The popularity of the online video content is not surprising as such. Since it leaves an indelible impression on the viewer's mind that's why even the modern day marketer prefer to use it to carve out successful marketing campaigns. While this is true for companies, it's also a fact that a lot of professionals use it as a medium to market their expertise from a particular field. And You Tube provides them the platform to do so.

fb-video The social media world is gearing up for the showdown of another mega contest. This time the No.1 social referral site i.e. Facebook is challenging the Google's most popular video uploading solution i.e. YouTube. Facebook's rivalry with Google is not new. In fact, it was the search giant who through his monogamous approach of competing with everyone initiated it in the first place.