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In an open letter to shareholders, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai stressed on the role of futuristic technology in this information-driven world. Talking about technology, Google has always held it's search capabilities at the very core of its existence, but moving ahead the company has set some futuristic technology based goals to give everyone easy access to information. As part of…


So, what's Google's top search ranking factor in 2016? If you ask this question to Google's John Mueller, he may skip it; just like he did in a recent Google Hangout session on Google+. Google, for some reason, doesn't reveal what specifically needs to be done to rank better in Google searches; what technical changes businesses can make in their…


So, you’ve established yourself as a local business. But what next? Are you optimizing your business locally? As the saying goes, A business without SEO is like a car without Gas! Without Local SEO, your business isn’t going anywhere. Gone are the days where people advertise and get leads through the local yellow pages; there are more leads generated through…


  Thanksgiving holiday week is just round the corner! And it seems like everyone's gearing to celebrate the holiday season. As Businesses getting ready with their final round of preparation to lure customers, Google's not the one to stay behind. In an effort to catch the spirit of the up-coming festive season, Google My Business is coming with “Business Working…

For those of us who work in this industry, building a profound relationship with SEO clients is a must for both sides to prosper. seo-clients The idea of retaining clients for a prolonged period is on every businessman's wish-list. But how could one make that happen is the question hovering over every person's head. Well, we're here to show you exactly how it's done.

Google recently made some significant changes to the local search results display by reducing the 7 pack display to 3 pack. This sudden change affected several local businesses which makes it tougher for the local businesses to feature in the local search rankings. And the fact that around 73 percent of all online activity happening in the local search area, this makes it all the more important for SME's to concentrate more on local search optimization.

It’s easy to get carried away with the high national search ranking that your website may be attracting presently but that seems half the work done if you haven’t considered to optimize it locally. But if your company's budget is neglecting these low conversion areas then you are missing a trick or too. This can be a crucial SEO strategy especially after Google's Pigeon update, which negatively hit the local ranking of some of the enterprise companies. So if you are currently feeling left out as far as the local SERP's are concerned then you may need to overhaul your present strategy.