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According to a recent research by comScore, by 2020 there will be over 200 billion voice search queries per month. ComScore also said that more than half of the queries will come through voice search. It is essential for companies to start focusing on voice searches and make strategies to optimize for voice search.   Why is it essential to…


So, what's Google's top search ranking factor in 2016? If you ask this question to Google's John Mueller, he may skip it; just like he did in a recent Google Hangout session on Google+. Google, for some reason, doesn't reveal what specifically needs to be done to rank better in Google searches; what technical changes businesses can make in their…


We have met many app entrepreneurs who made it big in the app world without spending a single penny on advertising. Some are growing with decent speed, while some have managed to enter the million dollar game without spending on advertising. While some employed social media, some made use of press publicity. Many recruited customers manually, while others won the…


When it comes to credibility, nothing can beat Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). This is the most ancient yet effective form of advertising because people may hear recommendations from mammoth mediums like T.V, Radio, Display ads, PPC and even from their favorite celebrities, but in the end they will trust their family and friends. Despite being powerful, only a few…


  Last weekend was supposed to be the busiest shopping weekend of the year but it turned out to be just a regular weekend. Marketers promote Black Friday as one of the biggest money spinner, but this year it proved to be quite a forgettable weekender from sales point of view. In comparison, the first day of the week i.e. Cyber Monday turned out to be a humdinger of a day, as we saw online sales record touching a new high.


  Much like the popular Tom & Jerry rivalry, there's one hell of a contest going-on between two search rivals. Google, like Tom, the giant virtual cat of the search engine is doing everything to out-do its rival Facebook who, like Jerry, is the big virtual mouse of the internet world. After Facebook's announcement made in the recent past about a new pack of features they introduced to lure advertisers, it now seems like Google's following suit.


  Just like I am willing to get maximum eyes with this content, every content creator's paramount goal is to get maximum exposure. They want their content to be seen appreciated and shared. This desire is so fascinating that it spawned an entire industry called "Content marketing". Over time as a content creator, you learn (actually realize that) article's visibility doesn't assure audience engagement. To really get the clear picture, there are likes, shares, visits & multiple other metrics.