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Great news for businesses, especially the SMEs! They no longer need to fear Google's upcoming Panda/Penguin updates. In case your online presence was hurt badly because of Google's past algorithmic updates, such as Penguin/Panda updates, then the good news is that other algorithm updates can help enhance the search ranking of your site. So, if you are left scratching your…

Google served notices to webmasters last week, stating that it has decided to penalize sites with unnatural outbound links. Google's mass manual action message to webmasters turned out to be a brief warning to blogwriters to disclose nofollow links when reviewing gifted products online. In a brief message, Google warned bloggers to “nofollow the link, if you happen to link…

Google acknowledges the fact that there are more searches being carried out across the mobile platforms than on the desktops. To drive home the advantage and to maintain its search dominance, Google recently announced an update to mobile's SERPs. This update will increase the effect of ranking signals that will enable smartphone searchers to find more relevant mobile-friendly pages. It…

The popularity of the online video content is not surprising as such. Since it leaves an indelible impression on the viewer's mind that's why even the modern day marketer prefer to use it to carve out successful marketing campaigns. While this is true for companies, it's also a fact that a lot of professionals use it as a medium to market their expertise from a particular field. And You Tube provides them the platform to do so.

  Guess which spot every business owner wants to secure in search engine results pages? The unambiguous and obvious answer is Number One. Almost everyone out there is striving to get the number one spot for evident reasons. As per the 2014 survey from Advanced Web Ranking, second and third pages of Google only receive 5.59% of click-throughs, while the number one spot received a whopping 31.24% click-troughs. And even before the survey everyone was well aware from the benefits of #1 spot.

Google recently made some significant changes to the local search results display by reducing the 7 pack display to 3 pack. This sudden change affected several local businesses which makes it tougher for the local businesses to feature in the local search rankings. And the fact that around 73 percent of all online activity happening in the local search area, this makes it all the more important for SME's to concentrate more on local search optimization.

A recent Google study revealed that the mobile searches have finally surpassed the desktop crawls. But on contrary, there are a lot of brands and companies, who still don't have a mobile friendly website as yet. Post 21, April 2015, there was a flurry of speculation over the impact of the update, which is termed as the “Mobilegeddon” effect. After the algorithm update, Google announced that the mobile friendliness of a website would become a ranking factor. But unlike previous updates, Google outlined clear criteria for the website to comply.