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Monthly Archives September 2015

  One of the best time for the customers and business owners is about to arrive. Yeah, you guessed it right, The Holidays! When everyone spend heartedly as they just love shopping. Slowly and steadily it has become the part of the festival to spend a handsome amount on the things you want. It simply indicates the physiology of forgetting the budget and all the hectic of our daily life and just fulfilling our desires.

Traditional Marketing! Is It Still Beneficial For Businesses

If you're travelling around the world, the utterance of the world 'Hello' won't always get you smiles, but it would get you question marks.   What every customer does while shopping online is to see what the product is all about. 75% of them read all about it. And the term 'reading' does bring about the word 'language' into play. The cursors go flying at the close button if the language goes flying over their head.

Important Element Of Your Website Strategy

This chapter puts light upon 9 features that are essential for the progress of every SEO.   SEO's don't just bounce out of any corner with a spring in their step. Their progress is due to years of experience that is built up by the wealth of knowledge. But some do feel as though they're backed by the element of luck, and not just knowledge. Doing so certainly doesn't help us in anyway. Hence, learning is important in every progressive step. So, we'll showcase the first 9 areas of knowledge that are to be mastered in order to drive upon the path to success.

  As an SEO, you lay special emphasis mostly on optimizing your website's Homepage, Landing Page, Social Media Profiles and so on. But in doing so, you tend to neglect the other informational pages such as the FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) Page. In fact, these pages should further be optimized after reviewing your target audience's onsite experience.

We'll show you 4 very useful tips that'll keep your website from being hacked.   In the previous year, hacking shot up experiencing a mammoth-sized 180% increase in the number of sites hacked. Looking at this, Google coined up its #NoHacking campaign that's going strong even today. Looking ahead, there are more tips that Google would want us to follow in order to avoid hacking. Read each of them thoroughly.

  Growing list of subscriber doesn't ensure increased click through rate. At current everyone's mailboxes are overflowing with promotional emails. So how will you stand out? What are the major factors that decide whether the person will open the email or not? And on what aspects you need to work immediately? Find out:

For those of us who work in this industry, building a profound relationship with SEO clients is a must for both sides to prosper.   The idea of retaining clients for a prolonged period is on every businessman's wish-list. But how could one make that happen is the question hovering over every person's head. Well, we're here to show you exactly how it's done.

“So, what made you decide to go into business for yourself?” “It was something my last boss said.” “Really, what was that?” “You’re fired.” Well, if that one liner joke really inspired you to become an entrepreneur then just picture this – Starting Fresh from being your last business casualty, you are already fired-up. There's a lot on your plate - major deals to crack, plan your future strategies and, of course, manage your finances.

  To create an effective PPC campaign, the first thing we check is how the AdWords account is setup. Besides the settings, we also ensure that the PPC campaign we are creating is precisely filtered. This is a must in order to ensure that your ad is going to the right audience and your investment is going to repay you. We have seen that many people fail to set filters which affect the outcome of a campaign, negatively!