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Monthly Archives April 2012

Google's search engine is the biggest and not to mention, the most powerful tool that has made finding information easy on the web . In just a fraction of seconds, we are provided with the most relevant and effective search results. Ever wondered, what actually goes behind this ?

Twitter for BlackBerry app introduces new features making it easier to share tweets, connect to the people and things you care about. Twitter for BlackBerry has furthur made it easy for users to share links to web pages directly from the browser. So, tweeted links will be automatically abbreviated so that it takes up fewer characters(140-character limit). And, photos can be uploaded to Twitter ( right from your device’s camera or while tweeting.

Till a few years ago,Links formed the core of Internet . Most people spent their browsing time, clicking from link to link, either looking for a particular information or just casual browsing. Links were also the basic way for all search engine operations. Websites increased the number of links on their pages, to raise their rank in search engine results. Infact, the “Page Rank” algorithm said that it was this innovation( web of links) that led to Google's success.