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It was February 24, 2016 when Google's much awaited AMP project went live for specific mobile searches. Post that, businesses, especially those without a mobile-friendly presence were a bit concerned whether Google was going to make it a major ranking factor to get ahead in searches. Google then surprised advertisers by rolling out AMP enabled Google Search Analytics reports which…


It is being reported in certain media circles that Google's ambitious AMP Project, the fast moving mobile web page initiative has now gone live in mobile SERPs. There was a lot of speculation around the much awaited project, which according to AdAge's recent reports was supposed to hit the small mobile screens on February 24, 2016. And it did! As you…


It's great news for advertisers! Google's much awaited & ambitious AMP Project will have the backing of Google Analytics. This actually means that you can now track through your Google Analytics whether the improved mobile experience with faster loading pages is having the desired effect on your target audience. Google's yet to be released and highly publicized AMP project was…


  Much like the popular Tom & Jerry rivalry, there's one hell of a contest going-on between two search rivals. Google, like Tom, the giant virtual cat of the search engine is doing everything to out-do its rival Facebook who, like Jerry, is the big virtual mouse of the internet world. After Facebook's announcement made in the recent past about a new pack of features they introduced to lure advertisers, it now seems like Google's following suit.