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  At a gradual pace, Google Analytics sure is turning into a full-fledged powerhouse tool used for digital business intelligence. Apart from being able to add your custom data, you can add in campaign cost data, send custom dimensions & metrics, add in Big Query integrations, have in synced with DoubleClick suites, AdWords and more. We have all been predicting this outcome for quite some time now.

This post features the weekly analysis of domains (across 35 to 40 verticals) which appear in the top 10 Google results. We did an in-depth analysis of top 10 results for approximately 55,000 keywords across 2800 projects from our database. Below is the comparison of top 20 domains which appear in the first 10 results of Google. If you take a look, the top 20 domains in the last week accounted for 21.35% of the top 10 results whereas this week the percentage went up by 0.40% which totals to 21.75%

What do you use your analytics profile for? To check traffic, query volume, referral sources, Adwords campaigns or to find top pages and content? Many SEO's primarily use analytics to track this information. But the deal here is, how many of us use this information, or let us say how many use analytics to amplify their SEO strategies?

Pinterest seems to be pinning the interest factor in users, especially the United States. Its growth rate has seen a puma jump. The unique monthly U.S. visitor count has jumped up to 11.7 million is a short span of time. It would certainly sound fascinating to know, how many visits to your pin board were valuable or what was the conversion rate.