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Monthly Archives October 2015

  We are all victims of being randomly bombarded with various forms of ad communications, whether it's outdoor or indoor or the online advertisements. Many of these advertisements aren't that cutout and, therefore, doesn't seem to make the desired impact on its targeting audience as such.

  The number of advertisers who don’t know that they're being affected by bots is huge. However, we all know that almost half of the Internet’s traffic is not human, many advertisers assume that they are not nefarious, which is absolutely wrong. It is well known that advertising industry bears billion dollar loss due to counterfeit traffic. Despite the fact very few advertisers think that their sites are affected. Strange isn’t it!

The fact mentioned in the title certainly has raised eyebrows in the SEO and domain industry. And are you amongst the lot who're seeking answers to this question? Search & click upon ABC.XYZ to find a letter by Larry Page that highlights ideas by Google and memoirs on Alphabet Inc. having turned its head away from Google. Moving ahead, you'd come up against quite a few reasons on Google choosing this, to chew over.

  We all are familiar with the term “Going Viral”. Explaining what's “Viral content” will be like challenging your common sense and even basic understanding regarding the internet. But I think you may be interested in knowing the secret recipe for creating viral content. I mean who in the world would not like to create a bigger impact with their content.

  In an attempt to expand its advertiser's base, Facebook, the social media hub is luring the small businesses by launching some or the other new marketing campaigns. Last week, it launched Adroll - a Retargeting Platform and Constant Contact – a One stop Email Marketing solution as its marketing partner to serve the advertising needs of the small businesses.

Reaching to the top is less difficult as compared to staying at the same position till long. The social media giant “Facebook' that changed the way we connect with our family, friends and nowadays customers has managed to remain at the top position due to several reasons. Top of them all is “Frequent Updates”. They update frequently and also introduces new features every once a while.