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Monthly Archives January 2012

Every Google+ user makes use of Circles and the +1 button, but Hangouts are rarely used. However, those who have used it know how beneficial Hangouts are. If you have not used Google+ Hangouts, here is a quick summary of the business benefits you can get out of this facility.

In our last blog post, we detailed you with the business benefits of +1 button. In today's post, we will focus on the benefits of 'Circles'. For the basics, it is important to know that Goggle+ Circles help you in sharing the right stuff with right people. It has helped you while sharing posts to a limited number of Circles, but it has a few unique business benefits too.

The +1 button has gained popularity, but still is not as popular as the 'Like' button or the Tweet button. However, the benefits one can reap out of the +1 button are competitive, in fact better. What makes the +1 button important for your business?

Google+ is a magic box, full of ideas and opportunities to help your business grow and grow quickly and easily. Along with it, you can even feel relaxed as you have the liberty to share your business page wall posts with restricted number of users, which is if you make use of Circles.