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Social media, today is seen as a medium to strengthen customer relationships and enhance the brand. Nevertheless, you should know the right ingredients to have a successful social media setup.

You definitely know that you need to encourage brand loyalty by identifying interested customers and engaging with your fans and followers.

However, there is much more you can do with the social media channels, to build your brand.

Note the following points to give yourself the edge over others:

Point 1: – Use the ‘discount coupon’ and ‘promotional code’ gimmicks.

Target fans and followers by giving them discounts coupons and promotional codes. This might not get you immediate customer conversions, but will get you potential customers and clients. For local business promotions, you can even use platforms like Foursquare, which helps target promotions based on proximity.

This option (shown below) is available on Facebook, so it should make your task easy.

Point 2: – Clear the rumor mill.

There might be rumors making rounds about your company. May it be anywhere, you can use the social media reach to let everyone know that the rumor is actually a rumor.

Point 3: – Use intelligent agents to provide customer service.

Use the social media channels to provide customer service. Wish for a running round of customers’ questions, and simultaneously be ready to tackle each question separately. Use the automatic mediums to let your customers know that you are listening to them. You can have a computer program called an intelligent agent to send out answers, when a person tweets about a concern. Have a look at the screenshot below. The mention was made for the @pinterest, but the user got a reply from @Pinterest796.

Pinterest used this intelligent agent to benefit from the same. They get authenticated opinions and even engage users by giving away gifts. Furthermore, it even creates a good customer relationship.

Point 4: – Resolve issues.

Your fans and followers may have a number of issues, and these questions might be posted on your social networks too. Your task would be to resolve these issues at the earliest.

Have a look at the screenshot below. RAVN was quick to reply to a question posted on their Facebook fan page.

People may even come up with questions about your business (See an example posted below). Try to reply to them in a modest manner.

Point 5: – Creating customized appeals.

You need to develop customized appeals to people, which can have its basis on the information gathered from commentary and feedback via social media.

The screenshot below is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

However, you can still have an event on Facebook, with a local approach and an easily achievable task.

Consider the points mentioned above, and let us know if you would like to add a few more to the list, or is it just perfect!

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.