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While many SEO practitioners were busy looking at other SEO aspects, Link Building has had a completely forgettable year so far; much to the delight of Google’s John Mueller, as per his recent comments about link building practices. But wait! Don't get disheartened by these link woes. The idea is to naturally attract or earn links rather than using harmful…

Just like I am willing to get maximum eyes with this content, every content creator's paramount goal is to get maximum exposure. They want their content to be seen appreciated and shared. This desire is so fascinating that it spawned an entire industry called "Content marketing". Over time as a content creator, you learn (actually realize that) article's visibility doesn't assure audience engagement. To really get the clear picture, there are likes, shares, visits & multiple other metrics.

  Wrong backlinks can lead your website to a big trouble due to Google's recent algorithm update. So the question is, how can you identify the quality of a website? Which of the websites can help you in building good links and from which pages you should actually get links? Since Google still consider links as one of the most important factors for ranking your website, let us assist you in finding good links.

  Well, this is the story of many a businesses, which have got great and engaging content to show but are rather short on links. It's the only reason why your great and original ideas are driving lesser traffic, links, shares, and leads, which in-turn are not helping matters at your Sales & Marketing end. And it doesn't really help matters when some copycat sites start duplicating your original concept only to rank ahead of you by Google's SERP. While you can't possibly stop the piracy of your original creation but you can definitely work on the link inefficiencies of your online presence, which is a crucial part of your SEO campaign. This is an important tactic only for those content on your site which are link-worthy but are not linked as such. This rather brief article will further explore the possibilities link inefficiency of your link worthy pages and how you can capitalize on the existing opportunities.

Important Element Of Your Website Strategy

This chapter puts light upon 9 features that are essential for the progress of every SEO.   SEO's don't just bounce out of any corner with a spring in their step. Their progress is due to years of experience that is built up by the wealth of knowledge. But some do feel as though they're backed by the element of luck, and not just knowledge. Doing so certainly doesn't help us in anyway. Hence, learning is important in every progressive step. So, we'll showcase the first 9 areas of knowledge that are to be mastered in order to drive upon the path to success.