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Popularly known for its premium business networking services, LinkedIn has decided to shut down its recently launched ad network program in order to focus more on expanding its Sponsored Content Business. Following the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn had launched its ad networking program last February to target users outside its own community, by using its own data.…


SEO and Copywriting seem to be different genres in the same field. While SEO's job involves trying to please the search engine, the copywriter's job revolves around spreading marketing information. But here your SEO skills will take a backseat since we are focusing more on copywriting nuances which may differ from one individual to another. While it does take years…


The debate of short content vs long content is exactly like the never ending debate of Android vs iPhone. Just like Android and iOS, short content & long content both offer something different and better than the other. Many popular SEO blogs claim that long content is good from both users' and search engines' prescriptive. On the other hand, some…


  “Content is the King.” I know you have probably heard this a thousand times before and also, that the better your content the higher your rankings in SERP. Maybe, this will not be an issue for those companies that have employed professional writers who write good content on a daily basis. But what if your budget does not allow you to hire a staff writer and thus you have to do it yourself; despite the fact that you don’t have writing experience. If you fall under those select set, then we have few great tips to share, which will help you get started and get ahead.


  Just like I am willing to get maximum eyes with this content, every content creator's paramount goal is to get maximum exposure. They want their content to be seen appreciated and shared. This desire is so fascinating that it spawned an entire industry called "Content marketing". Over time as a content creator, you learn (actually realize that) article's visibility doesn't assure audience engagement. To really get the clear picture, there are likes, shares, visits & multiple other metrics.


  SEO directly relates to business operations rather than other marketing channels. It is about utilizing every marketing asset you have to get maximum profit through organic search. To analyze the performance of an SEO strategy we’ll need to consider 3 teams and their processes. These teams include the Web Development team, the Content Strategy team and the Leadership team. In this article, we are going to highlight the importance of search marketing and how these 3 teams facilitate the process.