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Google’s search engine is the biggest and not to mention, the most powerful tool that has made finding information easy on the web . In just a fraction of seconds, we are provided with the most relevant and effective search results. Ever wondered, what actually goes behind this ?

In a video launched by Google, explained how this gaint search engine actually works.
Matt Cutts said that there are three most important things you need to do in order to be the best search engine in the world. “ First, you need to crawl the web comprehensively and deeply, then you want to rank or serve those pages and return the most relevant ones first,” Cutts said.

Google uses automated programs called spiders or crawlers. It also has a large index of keywords and where those words can be found. What sets Google apart is how it ranks search results, which in turn determines the order Google displays results on its search engine results page (SERP). Google uses a trademarked algorithm called PageRank, which is the determining factor. That is , the more people (more important people ) are linked to you, the more likely it is that we will discover your page relatively earlier in the crawl.

“ In 2003, Google switched to crawling a significant amount of the Internet each day. By scouring the web each day for new content, it incrementally updated its index,” Matt Cutts added .

Initially, Google would crawl for 30 days, indexing for a week and then pushed the data out. Google did away with this method as it wasn’t optimized and a lot of data would get out dated.

“After hitting the search button, our software searches our index to find every page that includes those search words. So how do we know which page is the best suited? By asking questions, like- how many times a particular page contain the keywords, or do the words appear in the title, or in the URL ? Does the page include synonymns for those words? Does it come from a quality website or even spammin? What’s it PageRank ?” Cutts added.

After being sent to different machines ( that have been indexed to find the best match ), the best page result is taken and shown using some helpful snippets, links to similar pages, related searches and even ads. Finding the right balance between word proximity, page reputation and links pointing to it is the key. “That’s kind of the secret sauce,” Cutt added.

How accordingly to you can Google’s search engine be used more effectively by companies? Do leave your comments .

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