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Social Media Marketing is in full buzz these days. Right from top brands to small businesses are using this “power-tool” in one way or another. Campaigns are not always a win-win situation. Some are easy to execute and can create an uproar by generating a massive return on investment (the #BeatCancer holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Widespread Social Network Message with 209,771 unique mentions. ” The campaign earned over $70,000 for various charities). And campaigns if not designed and effectuated properly, can fail horribly (remember General Motor's SUV “create your own advert” Viral Marketing Campaign wherein the environmentalists created negative ads!)

YouTube is the second largest search engine and is used to share tens of thousands of news stories and interviews daily. Have you ever thought how a video gets viewed on YouTube, or let us say how does it get 'ranked' on Youtube for the people to view it? So, if a video has over 40,000 views, but with no comments will be ranked high? Or, a video with only 10,000 likes but favorited many times will be ranked higher? Or how about a video that has over 200 inbound links? So on and so forth. What really counts (factors, per say) in determing the ranking of YouTube videos?

Running an eCommerce website is a tricky business. Why tricky? Because a majority of people prefer online shopping these days due to various factors like lack of time, no proper stores nearby etc. But still not all ecommerce websites drive sales. Then where do they lack when buyers are ready to invest? To avoid this, here are some factors you should take care of: