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SEO directly relates to business operations rather than other marketing channels. It is about utilizing every marketing asset you have to get maximum profit through organic search.

To analyze the performance of an SEO strategy we’ll need to consider 3 teams and their processes. These teams include the Web Development team, the Content Strategy team and the Leadership team. In this article, we are going to highlight the importance of search marketing and how these 3 teams facilitate the process.

1. Leadership Team

The leadership team must make a decision only after precise research. If a marketing strategy is designed around something that doesn’t compliment the company’s culture, then it’s not going to succeed.

And to identify that and make a right decision, the leadership team must have all the necessary knowledge.

You are already aware about penalties like penguin and panda. You may have been slammed by these penalties if your teams are not working together. For instance, let’s assume that the utmost priority of your company is to get higher rankings. Since we all know that links can increase search ranking, one team decided to buy links. From SEO perspective, buying links isn’t worth and it can cause harm to all your campaigns. No SEO pundit will recommend buying links.

That’s why it’s vital that everyone’s work must be aligned. If not, then SEO is not going to be as fruitful as expected.

2. Web Development Team

Web development team plays a big role in setting up future results. They are responsible for the website and other supportive platforms. In small websites, you can identify and make changes with ease. But the whole process gets tough when we are dealing with a larger website.

To convert the tough into normal mode, we need to go for updates:

  • Crawl-able website.
  • Robots.txt files and indexation directives must be manipulated easily.
  • Enable content publishers to publish content easily.

All of the above processes involve the web development team, but affect the SEO process as well. A few SEO experts may be able to do some of these tasks but they can’t do it all, since they lack the technical expertise that a web development process commands.

So it’s recommended that whenever the web development team makes any changes they should inform the SEO experts so that these changes can be made profitable.

3. Content Team

Creating quality content frequently is vital for good SEO.

To ensure that content will help SEO, it should be created keeping following things in mind:

  1. Posts (product listings and category pages) should be optimized properly.
  2. Content must be useful to the users and fulfill their objectives.
  3. Creating targeted content.
  4. Keeping an eagle eye on the quality of content.


If you have an in-house SEO expert then make sure that they have the required expertise and are well aware of every aspect of it. Also, keep in mind that all the three teams mentioned above should work on the same page for higher success rate. However, if you don’t have an SEO expert and are looking to hire an experienced agency that can provide you with best SEO services at affordable rates, AgencyPlatform is exactly right for you. Write your requirements to or call us directly at (888) 736-0541 (Toll-Free).

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