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As an app publisher, one of your biggest concerns is to make your app stand out from the crowd. Currently, there are more than 1.5 million apps in the App Store & 1.6 million apps in Google Play Store. So how will your app stand out? Nowadays, building a great product doesn’t guarantee success. Maybe your app is offering exceptional…


It's great news for advertisers! Google's much awaited & ambitious AMP Project will have the backing of Google Analytics. This actually means that you can now track through your Google Analytics whether the improved mobile experience with faster loading pages is having the desired effect on your target audience. Google's yet to be released and highly publicized AMP project was…


The search giant, Google recently came out with the revamped version of its App Index Report, which you can access from the Search Console domain. This comes as a huge sigh of relief for some users, since there were reports that the previously upgraded version of these reports was found to be unworkable for past several months. Besides that, the…


Yahoo's online research arm, Flurry came out with the year's top holiday mobile stats. These stats show one of the premium smartphone manufacturers i.e. Apple Inc. topping the device table but slipping down a bit from its previous year's outing. Apple Mobiles, which managed about half of all the device activations over 2015 holiday season, was followed by the South…


End of the year sales and a week long Holiday Season are pretty good reasons for shoppers to embark on a shopping journey. But wait, don't go anywhere because you can now track most of these smart online shoppers shopping at one particular online destination i.e. Well, that's what the online retail giant reports. It has observed that more…


  While smart shoppers were busy bidding for the best online Black Friday deals across various e-commerce portals, they were unaware that their online gadget behavior was being scrutinized. It's an understandable fact that smart phone searches have a bigger say in our daily activities, right from finding physical store locations to checking out store working hours and comparing product prices while browsing through various product categories.


  Nowadays, it seems like Google’s busy issuing warning messages to the webmaster community for infringing upon Google’s webmaster guidelines. And this time it’s the sneaky mobile redirects that are on the search giant’s radar. In fact, just last month Google warned site-owners, who are intentionally or unintentionally using them to attract visitors to their sites.