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Q3 Earnings. Does anybody know about this? This was recently released by Google, shedding light on mobile search business to analyze its results by assessing its progress. But how well did the ‘search’ go? And what would be the next step for it?

Google had spread a word about mobile search dominance. It has overtaken desktop search in 10 countries, and this ascension never did seem to slow down as per the latest 3rd quarter findings.

As per key metrics reported by Google, paid clicks rose by 23% with every passing year. On the other hand, CPC dropped by 11% YOY (Year-over-year). These stats go hand-in-hand with those of paid search. You must also know that paid search ad spend was escorted by smartphone investments, with a 66% YOY spend up.


Higher the excavation, greater the findings of growth. Click-through rates across devices increased, thanks to the click growth that surpassed impression growth. A rise in the number of smartphones in purses & pockets would only increase such possibilities.

At this very juncture, marketers are seizing the spark of mobile optimisation. They’re doing so by delivering a much profound ad experience via click to conversion and accounting for mobile context & bid adjustments.

We also shed light on opportunities for engagement that rose with the addition of an extra ad slot on Google’s mobile SERP, taking the count higher from 2 to 3.

Why do CPCs drop? Here are a few factors that could be the reason. It all starts with the costs being shown in contact currency & being adjusted according to market fluctuations. And, as we’ve been discussing, mobile search is the other factor that has been actively contributing to this trend. A culmination of dominating overall clicks and pricing, that’s cheaper than desktop, would certainly lower the CPC aggregate.

The fountain of apps in the modern era along with mobile-focused companies lure in new advertisers to the flourishing frame. This has also raised eyebrows of some long-standing advertisers who now seem to seep into the world of cell phones gradually.

As we go around talking about apps, we bump across this fact which talks about Google having indexed more than 100 billion app deep links. This way it draws in more app content into each sect of the search result for consumers. Search ads for Google Play have opened the doors for Google, leaving apps as a spectacular area for investment. Conversion tracking with Android app installs and development of Universal App Campaigns stroll along the same path.

Having invested in such areas, Google can now lock horns with Facebook to attain a stronghold on the mobile front. Similarly, Google’s Customer Match wags its tail a lot harder than Facebook’s Customer Audiences, in order to allure the target audience.

This clearly signifies the importance of having mobiles on top of the marketing chart, with mobile search being elevated as the sole component of that profound puzzle.

Today, it’s not just mobile search engines that shout aloud. New mobile publishers like Instagram come yelling in with their prominence, allowing them to reach their targeted audience in the most engaging manner. Present day marketers must ignite new ways that will help them search outside a search engine.

The New Year could bring with it an array of ideas that one could look at. Tell us what you have in mind and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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