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So, what’s Google’s top search ranking factor in 2016? If you ask this question to Google’s John Mueller, he may skip it; just like he did in a recent Google Hangout session on Google+. Google, for some reason, doesn’t reveal what specifically needs to be done to rank better in Google searches; what technical changes businesses can make in their online presence to rank ahead of their competitors.

However, John Mueller suggested that businesses can do a few things to slightly enhance their search rankings but such tactics work only for a short period of time. The reason being, these changes don’t really impact the relevancy factor of your pages from users’ point of view. Over a period of time Google’s search ranking algorithm adjusts itself to the changes you recently made to your site. So, your site’s search ranking comes right back to where it was earlier. If Google finds out that your higher ranking page is irrelevant to the users, it will modify its search algorithm to make it more relevant.

This is how Google’s John Mueller ducked specific ranking queries in the Google hangout session.

Essentially, for the long run, it is a lot of work for nothing, so that is why I am skipping these questions.

Below is John Mueller’s entire video session.

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