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Google’s migrating to a new URL. Well, don’t get me wrong, the search giant is not overhauling its main domain address, but it’s migrating the webmaster central blog from to a more official That means you’ll be able to track all of Google’s official blog posts from a new the domain address.

Google’s own webmaster, John Mueller made an official announcement saying that they are indeed shifting all their blogs to a more official address, This is primarily done to convey a message to the users that Google’s official blogs are managed and operated by the Webmaster Team @google.

The process of migration started with Google’s Webmaster blog, which was moved from to a new URL – The previous URL now redirects users to via a 301 redirect.

As part of the migration process, Google is planning to relocate all their blogs to the new URL destination i.e., in the next few months. But don’t expect to get redirected to the new URL if you happen to click on the RSS feeds and the comment URLs on the previously held URL address.

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