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Google recently announced that its searches will now get more smarter in understanding our natural search language. It actually mean that its search capabilities are now better equipped to handle the use of superlatives, time-based queries and not to forget those complicated ones as well.

Google’s Product Manager, Satyajeet Salgar explained that the search giant’s now better equipped to understand your search queries in three ways as below:-


Google’s searches are now matured enough to understand the use of superlatives such as “smallest”, “biggest” and so on in that order in your search queries. So from now onwards, expect Google to answer questions you never imagined asking it, as below:

  • Who are the tallest players in FIFA 13?
  • What are the three largest cities in Texas and their population?
  • Which are the safest cities to live in Texas?

Time-Based Queries:

Expect Google to answer your time-based queries as below:-

  • What was the population of China in 1970?
  • Which movie featured the song White Christmas?
  • What was the rate of unemployment in 2008?

More Complicated Queries:

Now, Google will also respond to your set of complicated queries as below:-

  • Which American TV Series featured an Indian actor in the lead role?
  • What was the US population when Barack Obama was born?
  • What was chemistry in the ancient times known as?

Below is the infographic representation of how Google understands your complicated questions.


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