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If we compare the piracy takedown scenario this year with the one last year, Google at present is dealing with double the number of requests, which comes down to over 2 million per day.

If we calculate the count by breaking it with respect to every minute, it accounts to 1500 requests every minute. If we travel back 4 years, Google used to get around a 100 requests per day. Yes, an entire day used to pass by in the year 2011 with just these many requests.

Now, if we track last month’s record, Google received takedown requests from 5,609 copyright holders who targeted 65 million links across 68,484 domains.

Such a scenario has pulled down Google’s precision and speed to respond to these requests. These mammoth-sized, marauding numbers sure aren’t easy to manage.

Last year, Google released a piracy-oriented algorithm update in order to reduce the incessant rise of pirated content in search results.

Larger torrent sites were made less visible, thanks to this update. In spite of that, the most colossal of all culprits are the illegal streaming sites. Industry groups like MPAA & RIAA are piling pressure upon Google to de-index the most calamitous offenders. But the site-wide censorship stands in as a hurdle for Google. At present, as Google & copyright holders keep rowing ahead to anchor upon a sturdy point in search results, piracy requests keep piling up with every passing day. And as we cast our eyes on each scenario, it looks like it will keep on increasing.

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