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In our last blog post, we detailed you with the business benefits of +1 button. In today’s post, we will focus on the benefits of ‘Circles’.

For the basics, it is important to know that Goggle+ Circles help you in sharing the right stuff with right people. It has helped you while sharing posts to a limited number of Circles, but it has a few unique business benefits too.

By default, branded circles get four Circles created, which are Following, Customers, VIPs, and Team Members. Segmenting your fans is important as you have the liberty to share your parts of life, as you want to and with whom you want to. Your fans can be your employees or VIPs, potential customers or regular ones. In any case, you have information to pass on to specific fans only. Allowing brands to make use of this segmentation saves them from unnecessary comments. You can even block spammers from flooding your posts with

Again, if you want to share any confidential data with your employees or the VIP fans, you can do that via Google+. In makes the concept easy to digest. You are working and at the same time, you are even socializing. Socializing helps you promote your brand. It is one major advantage you can enjoy over your Facebook Business Page; wherein your posts are open to each and every fan of yours.

Adding people to your Circles is however restricted as you cannot add people to your Circles, until they add your page to their Circles. This point even is in your favor as you can segregate only those users who are interested in your brand and prefer it too.

Therefore, combining the benefits of the +1 button and Circles, you can earn a number of customers and fans. Additionally, it is even easy to setup.

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