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Just like your real presence, your virtual presence too needs to be monitored and tested on a regular basis. You need to constantly feed your web site with some great and engaging content to convert your click throughs into loyal customers. And if it doesn’t function in that manner, then you need to do a reality-check of your online presence.

A/B testing or website testing methodology offers some unique insightful solutions in terms of conversion optimization of your online presence. At times, you may find the resulting data very intimidating or may find it hurting your SEO efforts as such, but that’s not the reason for you to back out. So, if you are a seasoned professional or a beginner searching for some valuable tips to improve upon your A/B testing results then listed below are seven easy steps that you can do well to follow.

1. Work to get tangible results

Neil Patel, the founder of Crazy Egg, Quick sprout, and Kissmetrics throws some light on the subject from his short post. Through his blog post, he advocates on carrying out the A/A tests before performing the actual A/B tests.

In other words, he says that these tests are often carried out on the basis of some wrong assumptions that their testing procedure is accurate, which may not be the case as such. This is why he further stresses the need to first check it with known data sets to see if their testing methods are worth the risk or not.

2. Don’t be your own enemy, be simple

Every man is his greatest enemy, and, as it were, his own executioner. These words by Sir Thomas Browne are so true, when applied in the context of standard SEO practices and especially the A/B testing methodology. This is so because we tend to look for shortcut formulas for success and don’t always follow the simple procedure, which leads to tangible results.

For instance, the design A/B/C test run on Skype Pages shows that the simplest procedure winning hands down. But simplicity doesn’t come so easily to some online marketers, which often gets highlighted through some nice reviews of oft-repeated A/B test results, wherein the CTA button-cluttered with some social features fails to impress the target audience.

3. Don’t neglect the power of words

What we say and believe does impact others. For instance, you can refer to the Marketing Experiments for A/B tests conducted on the newsletter e-mailed showed some great improvements in the click-through behavior. Initially, it was “6 B2C Social Media Killer Tactics … And How to use Them” which was changed to “How to use the 6 Most Popular Social Media Tactics in B2C Marketing,” The clickthrough improved by about 50%.

Hence, what you say and act on can make a big difference in terms of conversion optimization of your online presence.

4. Capture the imagination of your target audience

Colors, shapes, size and places play a major role in the success or failure of your online presence. Hence, the color of your text, shape, size and overall design of your logo including their placement in your webpage helps to capture the imagination of your target audience. But it’s hard to measure the intangible impressions on your click through the audience and the only way out is to conduct the A/B tests for each element separately. You can further refer to this case study. Results show that A had 2.4% while B’s conversion rate increased to 8.8% by 263%.

5. Go for Revenue based Optimization instead of conversions

It’s simple, isn’t it? If you are indeed looking for doubling your business, you need to double up your revenue instead of doubling the click-through conversions. This is the ultimate truth of your website testing methodology. For instance if you have to select option between your landing page optimization or more revenue, obviously you will select the latter.

6. Customer is the KING

As we pointed out initially the A/B testing methodology can be quite intimidating. This is the reason why a lot of businesses don’t trust them at all. And if you share the same opinion, you can take a cue from David Ogilvy, one of the most popular rags to riches advertising firm which believed in the power of customer feedback.

And it does make sense too if you are asking your potential customer about their experience because, at the end of the day, your online visitor takes the final call about the usage of your product and services.

7. Patience is your virtue

The A/B testing methodology is not your shortcut success formula but is a long, continuous and never ending process, which will test your patience. And it’s not cut out for those act on impulse kind of marketers but calm and collective individuals, who are ready to play the waiting game before taking their final decision based on the data insights.

At the end of the day, if you too, are at the crossroads of wanting to test out your website but feel intimidated then we just a call away from you. Just call 888-736-0541 (Toll-Free) or Email for assistance.

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