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Google now knows what’s the “Best” and “Cheapest” option available to you, when you do a Google search for a restaurant in your vicinity? Well, it’s true. Google has recently added support for “Search Autofilters” in its Search Ranking Algorithm that takes into consideration phrases such as “Best” and “Cheapest” before revealing information related to “Local Restaurant Searches”.

The newly added “Search Autofilters” were first spotted by Mike Blumenthal, who observed the ranking pattern while doing a Google Search for a nearby restaurant. He discovered that the “Best Restaurant Nearby” searches brought back a list of only four star rated restaurants, while the “Cheap Restaurant Nearby” searches brought back listings of restaurants with the one dollar sign.

Besides that, Google’s nearby restaurant searches are now showing results based on specific words and phrases like good, best, cheap, good cheap, best cheap, etc. For instance, doing a Google search on “Best Restaurant NYC” returns a four-star listing, while a combination of the two modifier words leads to a more entertaining search discovery, as seen

Prior to this, Google had made life a bit easier with “near me” searchers. The addition of support for “best” and “cheapest” terms only adds to the quality of user experience.

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