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Reaching to the top is less difficult as compared to staying at the same position till long. The social media giant “Facebook’ that changed the way we connect with our family, friends and nowadays customers has managed to remain at the top position due to several reasons. Top of them all is “Frequent Updates”. They update frequently and also introduces new features every once a while.

Following the legacy, Facebook has revamped the “Search feature” active from 22 October. This new search feature will let users search for real-time news same as on Google & Twitter. The jaw-dropping thing is, it can also show results from any of Facebook’s two trillion posts, but not from the people you have blocked or got blocked from.

This update is enchanting and fiddly at the same time because while it will help you in keeping up with the latest news and will enable you to hear what the world says about the matter that you care, it will also dig up the old Facebook posts whether confidential, defacing or awkward. Thus providing strangers an opportunity to stalk you as all of your “Public” posts are now searchable.

So now is the best time to make things private and take few precautions, including:

Make all your old posts private

To avoid being embarrassed or stalked, change the privacy setting of your old Facebook posts from “public” to ‘only me”. Facebook offers a simple process using which you can limit older posts and it hardly takes a few clicks!

Run a few searches on yourself

Type your own name in search box and see the posts appearing on your profile. Go till the last and change the privacy setting or delete the posts which you find awkward or inappropriate to show to 1 billion users.

Update your general privacy settings

If you have been ignoring notifications from Facebook and Social media pundits to keep your privacy setting uptight, then now is the time to wake up! Because Facebook or any social media is “Not so private” anymore. So it’s better to take preventative steps in order to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

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