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Gone are the days when a link to useful content seemed tempting. Nowadays, Twitter is leveraged with such links, and to set yourself apart, you might want to add fewer links in your Twitter posts.

Introducing Twitter and what it does is like challenging your common sense. However, every blogger starts an article with “Twitter is hugely important…” But do consider me an exception. I would like to draw your attention directly to the point:

Due to high usage and overwhelming crowd of marketers, adding links to tweets has become a common practice among bloggers, E-commerce marketers, and even general Twitter users.  I can understand why bloggers and website owners add links, but general users! Are you serious!?! Anyway, so now almost every tweet has links and people are just bored of such practices.

Bored because majority of the crowd is doing it in excess. Everyone needs to calm down and stop posting links because it’s not working any more. When you post a link, a user gets redirected to somewhere else after clicking it. Meaning, out of Twitter and getting back there seems like a lot of work. Very few people are willing to get out of the app or a website at that exact moment. So by adding links and fewer words, you are neither creating curiosity nor providing them with information.

So why the user will go to your listed links Re-tweet or share?

We recently analyzed some famous Twitter accounts, and got to know that – tweets with no links received more Re-tweets as compared to the ones with links.  It is because tweets with no links are left with more space for putting information. On the other hand, links eat up into the already minimized character limit of 140, leaving you to play with fewer characters. Even seasoned copywriters can’t create magic in such minimal word limit, especially on a daily basis.


However, I am not saying that NEVER EVER ADD LINKS. You should add links, but be subtle about it. First and foremost, if you are adding links then the remaining words must be enticing enough. Secondly, add links to your posts on an alternate basis and try to maintain a gap as wide as possible. And last but not the least, try posting pictures that clearly illustrate your thoughts while completing the copy.

At last, I would like to add that in social media people do embrace creativity and uniqueness. You are not spending thousands of dollars on a single post, so you can actually keep experimenting in a subtle way. Your uniqueness will set you apart from your competitors. Keep working on new ideas and creating enticing copy.

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About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.