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Owners of small businesses may think, the mantra above is wrong. If you are one of them, let this blog post give you a brief summary of ‘How SEO can help?’

Insights of this post:-

1. Quality sales hike up –

A basic example: You are into the business of interior designing in Massachusetts. You have a website, but you are a stringently use the mouth-to-mouth promotion medium. No doubt you will have clients, but you can just think; with an SEO campaign, your site ranks high. In some other part of Massachusetts, search ‘interior designers’ on Google. What I see is, your website and… And you may just have a new client to your clientele.

So, this is true! SEO can improve your sales.

2. Increased Search Engine Visibility.

Or let’s say ACTUAL search engine visibility. With a good SEO campaign, you don’t limit yourself to just one search engine. Google is a giant, wherein people mostly make searches. However, if you concentrate only on Google, you will miss out on business possibilities from other major search engines. Once your site is optimized for organic search, these major engines will pick and even run your site.

3. Brand Recognition.

Small businesses usually cry out loud; ‘we need to maintain a big budget for major branding’, but SEO gets your brand, good awareness and recall strength.

The SEO campaigns help you to be associated with certain keywords, which are in a search-maker’s mind. So for example, if someone is looking for ‘quality bags’, and you are selling it. Eureka! You are associated with a broad term like ‘quality bags’.

4. Get edgy with your competitors

Competition is tough, competition is harsh and competition is cruel. You knew this, from the time your business existed. But if your SEO campaign is really good, you compete against the biggie in your field too. Here, you are not really at a loss, as you will not lose clients with a good SEO campaign.

Nevertheless, if you could just get a drop out of your big competitor’s ‘client ocean’, you are in a win-win situation.

Again, as mentioned earlier, you are in the same league, when a keyword pops up as a search query.

Earn the edge, increase your clientele.

5. Return on Investment (ROI) is higher

As compared to the paid campaigns, you get a higher ROI. Agreed, your time invested is still more. But with money being a deciding factor, you don’t invest too much in comparison.

This is the last example for our blog post, but the most important one.

A term, ‘seo services’. Using the PPC campaign, you will have to shell out $7.00 per click approximately. If you want a decent 100 clicks a day, you will have to pay $700 per day. So, if you run your campaign for 20 days, you pay $14,000 a month. Damn! For a small business, to shell out that big an amount could mean a lot. If you invest the same amount in an SEO campaign for a year, or maybe two, you get only a better result.

Moreover, SEO campaigns will help you in the long run even.

Noting these points above, we firmly advise small businesses to run an SEO campaign. Pour in your thoughts, in form of comments below.

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.