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  Nowadays, it seems like Google’s busy issuing warning messages to the webmaster community for infringing upon Google’s webmaster guidelines. And this time it’s the sneaky mobile redirects that are on the search giant’s radar. In fact, just last month Google warned site-owners, who are intentionally or unintentionally using them to attract visitors to their sites.

halloween One of the best time for the customers and business owners is about to arrive. Yeah, you guessed it right, The Holidays! When everyone spend heartedly as they just love shopping. Slowly and steadily it has become the part of the festival to spend a handsome amount on the things you want. It simply indicates the physiology of forgetting the budget and all the hectic of our daily life and just fulfilling our desires.

This chapter puts light upon 9 features that are essential for the progress of every SEO. seo-knowledge SEO's don't just bounce out of any corner with a spring in their step. Their progress is due to years of experience that is built up by the wealth of knowledge. But some do feel as though they're backed by the element of luck, and not just knowledge. Doing so certainly doesn't help us in anyway. Hence, learning is important in every progressive step. So, we'll showcase the first 9 areas of knowledge that are to be mastered in order to drive upon the path to success.

11505680_xxl They may be college students, employees or other businessmen just like you. Out of 7 days in a week, 80% of the time they find themselves out of residential premises. This scenario leads to an excessive use of mobile phones. Not only that, leave aside this plot and open your bedroom. Doing so, you'd find your family member on the bed with his favourite device, the cell phone. Here, we conclude by pointing out the importance and extent of mobile phone usage which clearly shows the need for SEO enhancement in this field. Further research show that most of the users today touch through search engines instead of directly visiting a website, and those users are seen making purchases beyond a staggering 93% mark.

A recent Google study revealed that the mobile searches have finally surpassed the desktop crawls. But on contrary, there are a lot of brands and companies, who still don't have a mobile friendly website as yet. Post 21, April 2015, there was a flurry of speculation over the impact of the update, which is termed as the “Mobilegeddon” effect. After the algorithm update, Google announced that the mobile friendliness of a website would become a ranking factor. But unlike previous updates, Google outlined clear criteria for the website to comply.