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Important Element Of Your Website Strategy

This chapter puts light upon 9 features that are essential for the progress of every SEO.


SEO’s don’t just bounce out of any corner with a spring in their step. Their progress is due to years of experience that is built up by the wealth of knowledge. But some do feel as though they’re backed by the element of luck, and not just knowledge.

Doing so certainly doesn’t help us in anyway. Hence, learning is important in every progressive step. So, we’ll showcase the first 9 areas of knowledge that are to be mastered in order to drive upon the path to success.

The skills are as follows…

1. On-Page SEO

This is an absolute basic sphere that talks about Page Content, Title Tags, URLs and H1. True SEO’s need to have thorough knowledge of this field, keeping a track of all the ever-changing practices of content, title & metas.

2. Link Profiles

This showcases the site’s prominence in the search results. The understanding of a link is important. As an SEO you should know the link’s impact, and the definition of a good link and a spammy link.

3. Keyword Research

The use of keywords is still important even though new-age methods include semantic search & search intent. Basic knowledge of keywords is what’s necessary. For instance, ones that’d would bring about high traffic.

4. Best Linking Practice

Understanding the manoeuvres of linking is essential to know and rectify the nuances and dangers of linking, both internal and external. We need to do this in order to continue the practice of linking from one website to another.

5. Local SEO

Every business wants more traffic. And Local SEO, catering to local customers, is a fine way to fulfil their requirements. Local SEO, like any other is a vast field and requires these:

  • Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) like every business requires. These are mentioned in the business listings. Also, business profiles like Google Local, Foursquare etc. are a must on the website to bring in more traffic.
  • Reviews are also an important part of a business as negative reviews can damage a brand’s profile.

6. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid searches are very important as they bring about the element of profit. AdWords and customized campaigns are not as important as these are. Paid searches appear as ads either on top or on the sides of the screen.

Now you’re not surprised to see Google mint money, are you?

7. SEO for Mobile Phones

These days you see a mobile phone in every second hand, pocket or purse. It clearly states that the digital world is now being steered on upon touch-screens and buttons. Thanks to the technical twists ‘n’ turns, we can cater customers on the cellular sphere with the help of experts.

8. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

This helps convert customers, drawing them towards you by clicking on a call to action or by purchasing a product. Both SEO & CRO get traffic. The only difference being CRO drags in traffic to convert. The basic of CRO i.e. A/B testing, landing pages, etc. are some things that you should be aware of as an SEO.

9. Marketing

You’re just another marketer who deals in promotion & selling of products and services. The only difference is the digital platform that you’re on. As an SEO, your job as a promoter of products & service would only be destined to improve if you apply the traditional marketing principles.

But there is one thing to remember. Aiming for in-depth knowledge of each of these would leave you drowning in the sea of alphabets, abandoning your dream of SEO. So, all you require is a functional familiarity with these fields.

To be Continued…

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