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On Tuesday, the social networking giant Google + introduced a new Google+ “share” button.

This new tool will allow users to spread (share) content from anywhere on the web directly to Google+. This tool integrates Google+ with content across the web.

At first, the new red and white Google share button may look a lot like Facebook and Twitter sharing. But what actually distinguishes Google+ “share” button is that you can click to share content (from across the web) multiple times among your Circles on Google’s social network.

Before clicking, the Google+ share button will look like this:

The button mid-share will look like:

Google wisely decided to make the button change color prior to and after sharing content. Before, it’s grey, after hitting the button it turns red:

“When your visitors come across something interesting on your site, sometimes you want to encourage a simple endorsement (like +1). Other times, however, you want to help visitors share with their friends, right away. Today’s new Google+ Share button lets you do just that”. Google+ product manager Rick Borovoy wrote in a blog post introducing the new feature.

This tool is now available with code available at Google’s Developers site for all page operators.

How the share button can help you to improve SERP?
This new feature will help you in increasing your website’s visibility. Here’s why. When a Google users shares a piece of content (web page, blog article, etc.) he/she finds useful, with others in his Circle, tends to have higher a CTR (Click Through Rate). This is what then leads to that user sharing the content via their social media accounts and providing quality traffic. It is these two things that can act as a catalyst to your website’s ranking.

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