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The fact mentioned in the title certainly has raised eyebrows in the SEO and domain industry. And are you amongst the lot who’re seeking answers to this question?

Search & click upon ABC.XYZ to find a letter by Larry Page that highlights ideas by Google and memoirs on Alphabet Inc. having turned its head away from Google. Moving ahead, you’d come up against quite a few reasons on Google choosing this, to chew over.

Google could have picked up a domain name off its list of top level domains. Or was ‘dot com’ infused to another level, due to which they couldn’t find anything?

But Google have shown everyone that the rules for naming can be tinkered on the Internet despite ‘dot com’ still being available. And they’ve done this without supporting their own spaces.

The company’s principle is important when you’re out deciding a name, with more than a thousand top-notch domain possibilities at hand.

Larry Page in his article says, “We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations, and is at the core of how we index with Google search.”

The idea of ABC and XYZ blends in well with the name & purpose of Alphabet.

Currently, having ABC.XYZ as a domain name is quite a clever concept for any company. These provide you with a wider opportunity.

Let us now look at it from an SEO perspective.

At present, Google is running an ad for ABC.XYZ under the title G is for Google –

Google have also scribbled up articles about it on its own blog. Although, these articles are yet to climb the scales to present themselves on top search pages. And instead of pulling in organic boosts, Google fancied paying for ads, just like other brands.

Rules for Naming Domains have Changed. Let’s find out how.

Rules having changed doesn’t mean that ‘.com’ have started walking the other way. We still do possess a stronghold, but with some transformations on its way.

Today, brands can choose a name that’d slide in well with the company name, without having to mandatorily settle in with ‘.com.’ For example, ‘.football’, ‘.UK’, ‘.restaurant’, ‘.gaming’, etc.

Guileful Google certainly did take a big step forward that not only benefited itself but also other agencies around the globe.

This would also help SEOs’ who’d look to assist people to search for things using such domain names.

This stage, the new era of domain names, would engrave deeper thoughts of businessmen and their brands. Their websites would not be confined to the world of dot coms but, would run free with their brand identity.

ABCs’, XYZs’ and SEOs’ would now look to run free in the same alphabetical pathway.

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