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We all are familiar with the term “Going Viral”. Explaining what’s “Viral content” will be like challenging your common sense and even basic understanding regarding the internet. But I think you may be interested in knowing the secret recipe for creating viral content. I mean who in the world would not like to create a bigger impact with their content.

Many people feel fretted because despite creating a really great content they don’t get the response they have expected. If you also have faced such situation then you’ll be like “What else should I do” Literally screaming at the top of your head.

Calm down mate! The answer is Emotions. No matter how precise your content is, people will not share it until and unless your content provokes and capture their emotions. Humans are emotional by nature and when anything triggers our emotion we want to share it with others. A research conducted on the factors which make some content go viral faster than others reveals the following points:

  • Content that evokes Positive emotions (E.g. “Awe”) has the most potential to go viral followed by the high arousal of negative emotions (E.g. “Anger”).
  • Content that are sad or evokes low-arousal is less likely to go viral.

It’s vital to trigger the right emotions in order to get maximum response. A research on human behaviour and their reaction while seeing different types of content had helped us to decode the type of emotions which can be targeted in order to spread the content like a wildfire. There are basically six emotions that when targeted appeals to high arousal emotions. We have categorized those six emotions into two segments.

Positive High-Arousal

  1. Amazement: If your content succeeds in provoking the feeling of “Awe’, then be assured that your content will go viral.
  2. Joy: Content that brings a smile on people’s face or make them laugh has the most chance to spread.
  3. Lust: It’s not what you think it is, basically it’s far beyond the common sexual definition of the term. It means attracting customer to your products. If you can inspire them to buy your product then you will succeed in this one.
  4. Surprise: Surprise is not entirely negative or positive, but it surely is a high arousal emotion which grabs attention.

Negative High-Arousal

  1. Anger: Remember that content which provoked you so badly you shared it with your entire friend list. Yeah, now you got it.
  2. Anxiety: People hate anxiety. And when people hate something to such an extinct, they are more likely to share it.

However, Use the negative high-arousals only when absolutely necessary and it is in align with your campaign, also using it in a very subtle way is important otherwise it will cause harm to your campaigns. Going for the positive high arousal emotions should be you first and foremost preference.

Other than emotions, there are few characteristics that each and very viral posts have in common:

Make It Relatable

People will share when they feel connected. Sometimes giving a practical advice can work wonder, as they relate to it directly.

Make It Easy to Read and Visually Appealing

In social media, people scan in lightning fast speed. They even outcome computers sometimes (Not literally). So a great visual combined with a great, short and easy copy will do the trick, Always!

Use Catchy Titles

Titles are the deciding factors whether the audience will watch or read your content or not. So spend a decent amount of time in writing titles. Make it as catchy and hammering as possible.

Publishing and Promoting Strategies

Every social media platform has its own peak hours. Identify the peak hour and launch your content at that time to get maximum exposure and shares. Getting instant boost help a content go viral.

There’s nothing more enticing then seeing your content gone viral. Just remember to add those special ingredient discussed above in the recipe of your content and then BOOM! You will be ready to enjoy the viral content pimping hot.  Also let us know when your content catches the fire, we will be pleased to hear the great news.

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About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.