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Google+ is a magic box, full of ideas and opportunities to help your business grow and grow quickly and easily. Along with it, you can even feel relaxed as you have the liberty to share your business page wall posts with restricted number of users, which is if you make use of Circles.

This is one big advantage you will enjoy, as compared to a Facebook business page, wherein you cannot limit your post for specific groups, may it be your fans, employees or customers.

Google+ Business Page is still new to Google+ users and so, not many know how to use the potentials of their Google+ Business Page to the fullest (if they have created one). Agreed, it is not the easiest tool to learn and can terribly confuse beginners with a number of features available for one’s use. For that matter, even the advanced users can miss a few special features, which define Google+ the best. However, looking at the other side, you are hooked to the web as you connect to the real world.

The best part of having a Google+ Business Page is that you share your thoughts, links and photos like you usually do with your profile page, but it is pushed in the right direction to optimize your brand exposure.

Circles, Hangouts and +1 button are the three important aspects of Google+, the benefits of which you should know accurately.

Circles have been known to most of the Google+ users, as it is the base of Google+, which differentiates it with other social networking sites. You surely know that you can categorize your followers according to your preference.

Again, the +1 button is making a mark all over the web-world, thus helping the brand grow in terms of popularity. The power of ‘+1’ is in news and people are feeling the difference with the installation of the +1 button to their websites and blogs. Now, even your Google AdWords campaign has a +1 button.

Hangouts make the web world virtually real with its presence. May it be hosting discussions with fans and customers or live presentations; it gives a feeling as if you are having the events personally.

However, having detailed knowledge about these aspects would only help you to get the best out of Google+ Business Page. In the next few blog posts, we will detail you with the benefits of the +1 button, Circles and Hangouts.

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.