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Wanna convert your leads into customers? Google Adwords Remarketing makes the task easier for you with its recent development i.e., the tag makeover and some new features.

What are these improvements?

With the upgradation of ‘Adwords Remarketing Tag’, you will have to place the tags only once across the site – unlike the previous one, where you had to place tags on each and every page. Now, you would be able to define a huge number of lists in Adwords, as per your convenience. For e.g., homepage visitors, lead conversions, etc.

Google Analytics users can also create lists now – only when their accounts are linked. Based on these analytics, you can create lists for remarketing as it provides information like —

Note: The lists created in Google Analytics and added to an Adwords account will function like every other list created in Adwords account.

Why Google Adwords Remarketing?

Understand what does Google Adwords Remarketing do and how it is helpful to you, watch this simple video:

What are the Benefits of Adwords Remarketing?

Suppose, a customer visits your site and is also interested in the products listed on your site but leaves before making a purchase just because he/she got an urgent phone call or the baby started crying. These customers are your asset and you cannot afford to lose them, as they have not just visited your site but are ready to invest in your products too.

So, how would you get them back to your site? Google Adwords Remarketing plays an important role here. This audience (potential buyers) will be tracked by Google and a proper targetted ad i.e., with images of specific products and keywords will be displayed to them.

Acts as a Reminder – Adwords Remarketing is like sending a reminder to your potential customers that they once wanted to invest into the products on your site. So, no matter what led to an incomplete purchase, customers can again go to your site and complete the procedure.

Targets the right audience – Unlike other means of advertising, adwords remarketing hit the bullseye. There is no risk of wasting money on the audience who are not interested in your product or site. You know who are interested and persuading the same to purchase the product.

Google Adwords remarketing was always a smart way to increase sales, but with the improvements it will also be a sure-shot way to drive more sales.

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.