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To make it more convenient for large businesses, Google recently came up with a new API to assist you in managing your Google My Business listings under Google My Business API page.

The new API dashboard allows you to programmatically conceive and edit locations on Google My Business page. Listed below are some of the most popular features that you can track through the revamped API dashboard.

  • You can create your business’s NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) citations, including your business hours and other such business related information.
  • It allows you to take care of the special hours of your business.
  • You can regulate the working and closing hours of your business.
  • It enables you to manage your official business photographs.
  • It provides you with special ability to list, invite and expel supervisors on locations and business accounts.
  • You can View your location state to determine any updated, duplicate and suspended locations by Google.
  • It will assist you to search/percolate locations on the basis of their name, category and label.
  • Besides that, you can even set your business service area by specifying a point and the radius or as per your business’s landmark area.

But most importantly, Google has designed this new API dashboard keeping larger businesses in mind so that they can track their multiple presence and manage their special holiday and working hours with improved precision. Likewise, a lot of marketing agencies can also use this dashboard functionality to track their clients’ progress.

So, whether you’re one of those large firms or an independent marketing agency, feel free to access the revamped Google My Business portal here.

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