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So you want to know how exactly podcasts can be of your help in content marketing? Well, it’s true that podcasts are the latest to hit SEOs’ content bandwagon with many known brands following suit. But four years ago, you would have laughed it off as another rumored Google update chatter.

The major USP of these podcasts is that you can easily download and listen to them at a time convenient to you; while working out, commuting or while carrying out your daily household chores. Their mobile nature is what makes them such a popular genre of content marketing.

Besides reaching out to your targeted audience, podcasts can also help you create highly effective content for your content marketing strategy. And you don’t want to miss out on this two-in-one opportunity to skyrocket your company’s sales margin in the four ways mentioned below.

Help your Audience with recap

If you’re one of those fast readers and if your audience, for some or the other reason, were not able to store all the information then providing a written recap or a summary along with the podcast would do them a world of good.

Besides having an agreeable voice, you can also tempt your audience to listen to your podcasts by posting a partial transcript. The transcript will entice them just like a teaser of a Hollywood movie. That way you can have your audience craving for more information. You can even leverage the benefits of native advertising by creating a complementary piece of content for your audience.

Leverage podcasts for more networking opportunities

Inviting an industry expert or an influential personality may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s like asking them to take out some free time from their nerve-wrecking, busy schedule to do some guest blogging. And it’s highly unlikely that they will be able to do so. But what if you ask them to spend 15 mins for a podcasting session over Skype? Then you’ll be making it hard for them to say NO. This way you’ll be able to ensure that you get your dream guest to share their invaluable inputs on a particular topic. This not only saves time (both yours and your guest’s), but your audience will also appreciate your effort. And if all goes well then chances are that your guest podcaster would want to come back for some more enlightening sessions.

Saves you Time &Writing Woes

Writing blog posts is a more time consuming activity which involves writing, editing, adding images and proof reading before making them live on your blog. In comparison, podcast sessions tend to be much more lively, especially if your host sounds well and if it’s an interactive session between two or more people. Then, it hardly takes half an hour to record it. Post that, a bit of editing and formatting and you’re good to go. It hardly involves a few levels of editing, but you’ll be saved from trying to figure out the “theirs” or dealing with a condition like writer’s block. Moreover, a good podcasting session is always better than trying to decipher the chatter on a likely Google update.

What an IDEA!

Ideas seem to flow pretty easily once you have a good one on a podcast session about a particular topic. This is what most content writers find difficult to deal with and often get stuck even before their creative juices start flowing. This condition is termed as a writer’s block, which is the inability to consistently come up with great ideas. Need we say more about this?

Over to you

All said and done, there are no short-cut, magical formulas for success in any field including, creating high quality of marketing content. Your due diligence, spanning over a period of time, is required to get the dice rolling in your favor. Podcasts as such are a part of that continuous process which not only puts an end to certain writing woes, but also adds a personal touch to the final output. So, over to you!

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