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According to Pew Research Centre’s Report of 2009, one fifth of the Americans access mobile websites every day. An increase of 31% was seen to this figure in the year 2010.

With the rise in the number of Android and iPhone users, almost everyone can access internet on mobile today. It is more preferred than roaming around with laptops or waiting to get access to a desktop. So, if you still do not have a mobile version of your website, then here is a list of reasons why you should opt for one:

Mobile Websites are uncluttered and easy to load

Let us first have a look at how a standard website and a website designed for mobile looks:

Websites designed for desktops are heavy and wide which does not fit onto the mobile screen. Loading such heavy websites on mobile clutters the screen sometimes not loading the complete information and half of the times, users miss the information due to the clutter. The best way to let your visitors enjoy surfing your website is to have a mobile optimized version.

The best example of a mobile optimized website is Dominos:

If you have a look at the above image, you will see how wonderfully Dominos have arranged the content of their complete website in a simple list. Here, visitors will not have to search for the content/information and will certainly not miss any of the website content.

SEO Friendly

Mobile websites are supported by mobile friendly search engines viz., Google and Yahoo. With iPhone’s SIRI and other local search engines introduced by the mobile industry, having a mobile optimized website can prove to be beneficial in bringing business.

Stay Connected – Anywhere and Everywhere

With every passing day, the usage of mobile phones and dependability of individuals on these devices is increasing. You can see people tapping their mobile screens even while walking on the road. So, having a mobile website allows the brand to connect with their customers/visitors everywhere and anywhere.

QR Codes

QR codes are displayed in the print medium which can be scanned with a smartphone. These codes can also contain a website’s URL. You can hence direct your customers to your mobile website’s landing page. In this way, you can target a larger number of audience and convert them into buyers.

More visibility due to Social Shares

It is a known fact that people today spend most of the time on social networking platforms. A mobile optimized website makes sharing of websites easier. This sharing hence leads to more visibility.

If you have still not gotten a mobile version of your website, then get one today and reach your audience in a simpler, faster and an effective way.

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.