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As a modern day marketing tool, social media network offers a plethora of advertising opportunities. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest have their own unique marketing platforms which when handled with due care can easily be leveraged to one's business's advantage. Talking about the No.1 ranked social networking site, Facebook with 968 million logged-in users on a daily basis…

Audience engagement is one of the most challenging aspects that popular social networking sites are constantly faced with. And the only way out seems to be regularly upgrading the existing array of services, which may hopefully benefit or add up to the user experience. The challenge remains the same, whether you are ranked first or tenth in the hierarchy of top social networking sites. And Facebook, the No.1 ranked Social Networking site ensures that it's constantly coming up with new features to keep the audience interested.

  When was the last time did you log-in to your Facebook account? Chances are that it may be some time back just once in past 2-3 days or may be in the last weekend or even a possibility in the past month or so cannot be ruled out, until and unless, if your work requires you to be online chatting with your clients. Well, you are not only the one who is being missed by the social networking giant but if Gigya reports are anything to go by then Facebook's social login activity in the past two years, has taken a slight dip. In spite of that, the No.1 ranked social referral site continues to rule the roost.

  In an attempt to expand its advertiser's base, Facebook, the social media hub is luring the small businesses by launching some or the other new marketing campaigns. Last week, it launched Adroll - a Retargeting Platform and Constant Contact – a One stop Email Marketing solution as its marketing partner to serve the advertising needs of the small businesses.

Reaching to the top is less difficult as compared to staying at the same position till long. The social media giant “Facebook' that changed the way we connect with our family, friends and nowadays customers has managed to remain at the top position due to several reasons. Top of them all is “Frequent Updates”. They update frequently and also introduces new features every once a while.