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Growing list of subscriber doesn’t ensure increased click through rate.

At current everyone’s mailboxes are overflowing with promotional emails. So how will you stand out? What are the major factors that decide whether the person will open the email or not? And on what aspects you need to work immediately? Find out:

Link Placement and Anchor Text

First and foremost, to fulfill your motto of maximum exposure, include multiple links to your call-to-action in the email. Anchor text and link placement influence the click-through rate. So make sure that your anchor text is well written and enticing enough.

Relevant content

I am not going to waste my precious time opening a mail that’s not relevant and exciting. Our inbox is already overflowing, so to stand out make sure that your subject line compel users to click. Also, ensure that the content you are trying to deliver has the potential to trigger the right emotion and bound the audience for a while.

Send a message!

People clicking on unsubscribe button is your biggest nightmare? Don’t worry about that. Your motto is to create an active community where people actually like the information you provide and want to engage with you every once a while. You must worry about your content, its relevance, titles, and more. Just let go the inactive subscribers, use Bold headlines and make an offer they can’t refuse. Your actions will send a message in your community that you working restlessly in order to provide the best.

Work hard on Subject line and Titles.

No matter how hard you have worked on that infographic which clearly illustrates every detail of the subject, there will be a majority of people who are not going to click it, unless and until your subject line and the title is enticing enough. Spend more time writing titles and subject lines as 10 out 8 people only read titles. Please keep this aspect in your mind while writing.

Clear Call to Action

Falling click-through rates clearly indicates that users are losing interest or they are distracted by the multiple links. Despite leveraging it with links, concentrate on a clear call-to-action in every email and describe the befits to your customer.

Keep your email out of promo section.

Marketing emails are now been put in a section where people hardly go in decades, “Promo” section. Due to this, your subscriber who is genuinely interested in hearing from you will be unable to locate your mail. So be very clever while choosing the content and how you create your emails. Check where they land and fix any issues related to this.

Split Testing

To find out which content is compelling and relevant for your audience try split testing. Many email marketing providers offer tools for split testing. It enables you to understand which content works for you so that you can refine your future strategy.

Mobile Optimization

It’s a no-brainer, but still many email marketing strategies fail due to this. At current mobile browsing has outnumbered the desktop crawls and in this era if your newsletter, email or template is not optimized for mobile, you need to Do It Now! Almost everyone opens their emails in mobiles and if it shows an error, you will lose a subscriber and a potential customer as well. To avoid this unpleasant scenario and increase click-through rates, review your mobile usage stats and test your email templates for mobile devices.


Your reader should be able to understand what you are offering by just taking a glimpse of your email. It can be made possible by using proper layout with readable fonts and highlighting the texts properly. Use bullets and break paragraphs to as minimum as possible.

Text Emails

Plain text emails still provide better click-through through rates than the one leveraged with images. It is because emails with plain text usually not get marked as Spam, they take a little time to load and also render well on mobile browsers. Also, people nowadays quickly categorize image emails as promotional emails. You will want to avoid that!

You must use above tactics to engage more audience and ultimately increase sales. If you need professional help in managing your email marketing campaigns, you can contact us at or call 888-736-0541 (Toll-Free).

About The Author

Dave Thompson works at, a White Label Software + Services provider for online marketing agencies.