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Monthly Archives September 2015

  They may be college students, employees or other businessmen just like you. Out of 7 days in a week, 80% of the time they find themselves out of residential premises. This scenario leads to an excessive use of mobile phones. Not only that, leave aside this plot and open your bedroom. Doing so, you'd find your family member on the bed with his favourite device, the cell phone. Here, we conclude by pointing out the importance and extent of mobile phone usage which clearly shows the need for SEO enhancement in this field. Further research show that most of the users today touch through search engines instead of directly visiting a website, and those users are seen making purchases beyond a staggering 93% mark.

  Just like your real presence, your virtual presence too needs to be monitored and tested on a regular basis. You need to constantly feed your web site with some great and engaging content to convert your click throughs into loyal customers. And if it doesn't function in that manner, then you need to do a reality-check of your online presence.

  In the mid 1990's webmaster and content providers began to actually optimize sites for ranking higher. With the inception of Google AdWords back in 2000, things started to shape up quite effectively for the SEO Industry. And after more than a decade of its existence, more paid search platforms are coming into existence making the life, all the more difficult for the account managers.

Interacting with customers, getting feedback and promoting or launching new products and services wouldn’t have been this easy if the social media didn’t have that much power. Social media has emerged as an excellent platform to build your online presence as well as to retain the image and rankings.

Your SEO requirements may vary depending upon the type and the nature of the e-commerce services that you offer to attract your target audience.  Hence, you may have to face up with varied challenges to make your e-commerce effort a successful venture.  For instance, Your Facebook SEO requirements may not be the same as compared to your Twitter presence. So, a little error in your judgment may jeopardize the success of your e-commerce website. In this rather brief discussion, we will touch upon some rather core issues at hand, when optimizing your e-commerce presence that may need your urgent SEO attention.

  In this highly competitive virtual world, generating quality web traffic is a must for survival. But still it’s become a sort of mystery for a lot of high and small end businesses. And the only key to encode that mystery is to search for high ranking keywords. That's the reason why a lot of high end businesses are searching for highly competitive keywords, but only to attract a few dozen visitors to their sites.