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Google recently revamped its policy guidelines by getting rid of the old stereotype and confusing formulas, when it comes to displaying ad extensions. The introduction of the new ad policy means the impact of ad pattern in the ad rank formula will no longer be the same. As a result, Google’s now well equipped to provide an estimate of your ads’ visibility level in its SERPs.

However, the visibility of your ads is completely dependent on the placement and the pattern of the ad structure. This means that higher placed ads will have more display value in terms of ad extensions than the lower placed ones. As a result, the lower placed ads will have low display value in terms of ad format than those placed in a higher position.

The ad patterns or formats are the ad extensions that appear in searches, openly showing information about a particular business. The business information that is displayed includes NAP citations along with customer reviews, the web URL, etc.

Higher the placement of the ads, the more beneficial it is. Besides attracting more visibility in the searches, the top placed ads have an advantage of being regularly displayed within a set ad pattern in the searches. The other benefit is that the highly placed ads are less likely to be overshadowed by the ads featuring down the list.

You can also check this link for more information on how the ad format impacts the ad ranking of your business in search results.

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