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Google's now providing site owners with an opportunity not only to stand out in search results, but also to attract more targeted traffic to their sites. The reason being, Google recently introduced a new section to Google Search Console called “Rich Cards”. This section will display data related to Rich Snippets, App Indexing, AMP, schema and other ways through which…


Recently on a Google Hangout session, Google's webmaster John Mueller reportedly confirmed that Google penalized some leading travel websites for displaying rich snippets related to product pricing information and airlines prices on the same page. Explaining the reason behind Google's action, John added that these sites were found to be guilty of using product rich snippets for more than one…

google-1-spot Guess which spot every business owner wants to secure in search engine results pages? The unambiguous and obvious answer is Number One. Almost everyone out there is striving to get the number one spot for evident reasons. As per the 2014 survey from Advanced Web Ranking, second and third pages of Google only receive 5.59% of click-throughs, while the number one spot received a whopping 31.24% click-troughs. And even before the survey everyone was well aware from the benefits of #1 spot.