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Recently on a Google Hangout session, Google’s webmaster John Mueller reportedly confirmed that Google penalized some leading travel websites for displaying rich snippets related to product pricing information and airlines prices on the same page. Explaining the reason behind Google’s action, John added that these sites were found to be guilty of using product rich snippets for more than one product on the full page, instead of it’s standard use of one price for per single page.

Responding to the query about the possible reason behind Google removing pricing related rich snippets from leading travel based websites, Google’s John Mueller said,

I double checked about this just before the hangout actually. We didn’t actually change anything. What we did notice was a bunch of sites were using this as a way to kind of markup a variety of products instead of just one product. So we hope that the price markup on a page is specific to one product and you are talking about a page like flights to berlin, then that is like tons of different products essentially. Like different flights from different locations going to Berlin, so it is very hard to say well, it makes sense to mark that up with price rich snippets to show that in the search results because it is essentially all different kinds of products on the same page.

So that is kind of what the team took action on there. We noticed that these pages were making up multiple different types of products in a way that you would for one product.

For more details,watch this video.

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