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Bing recently introduced a tool on its platform that allows publishers to expand the reach of their content on the web. Abbreviated as PubHub, this is a news portal that allows publishers to put forth their news sites to be considered for distribution of news on Bing’s platform. The company alleges that it will enable publishers to reach out to more Bing audiences. This means, if you’re one of the verified publishers, big or small, local or international – you will get an opportunity to expand your reach by submitting unique, relevant and varied content to be published on the platform.

To get more verified publishers onboard, the company’s providing with enough reasons to consider it as an option.

  • As per comScore report, Bing’s desktop market capitalization in the US is over 20%, which assists them in bringing most complete and industry specific news update onto the platform.
  • Millions of Bing users prefer Cortana searches to discover their favorite content through Outlook’s News Connector tool.
  • Just like Android and iOS, you can discover streaming news on the go through Bing’s dedicated Search App.

When publishers submit their content through the Bing Publisher Network, they’ve just expanded their reach significantly, giving their stories and outlets even greater exposure.

You need to be a verified publisher to submit news to Bing’s PubHub news portal. To become a verified publisher you must:

  1. First and foremost, have a close look at Bing’s Webmaster norms, which appear to be a bit similar to Google’s Webmaster guidelines.
  2. Similar to Google’s search console, use Bing’s Webmaster Tools to become a verified site owner.
  3. Put forward your request; just fill out the site consideration form.

You may still fall short of meeting the requirements if you don’t fulfill the below criteria.

  • Newsworthiness: Timely updation of fresh, relevant and interesting content for users of the platform.
  • Originality: Fresh and relevant content that includes unique and interesting facts or point of views.
  • Authority: Mention authors, identify sources and content acknowledgment.
  • Readability: It includes building new content using grammatically correct English, including a suitable site design.

As per Bing’s News Unit, more relevant features and updates are reportedly coming to the platform.

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