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Much to the delight of online marketers and businesses, Instagram’s video ads get a much needed boost, with the 15 sec videos making way for one minute videos. The extended video length will provide marketers the much needed breathing space and enable them to be more creative when conceptualizing their ads.

The main objective of the move is to enable marketers more creative freedom, so that they can convey their marketing message properly without worrying too much about crossing the old 15 sec time limit. One minute video ads will give them a fair chance to not only communicate their message properly, but also include call to action or contact information as part of their advertising campaign.

Warner Brothers are the first ones to explore Instagram’s 60 sec-video-ads duration through the launch of their upcoming movie teaser “How to Be Single”. Followed by T-Mobile, which will make use of the extended video duration by launching their Super Bowl spot video featuring music artist Drake.

It can’t be just a coincidence that Instagram’s recent extended video length announcement came right on the heels of Twitter’s longer ad roll-out.

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